Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blue-Winged Olives in the dark!

My third Friday evening out on the trot brought more success from a slightly up and coloured River Eden which is really fishing well at the moment.
There is currently no sign on the river that fly hatches are in decline, with heavy and sustained numbers of silverhorn sedges, the ubiquitous black gnats and a few more Mayfly than I would usually expect to see round these parts. Last night, the blue-wings got in on the act to some effect - by 10:30pm there were thousands of them parading down the current seams like tiny sailing boats. And of course the trout lined up to take them.
Ironically, at this stage the fishing became notably more difficult. With so many naturals on the water - and rapidly failing light - takes were harder to come by....and more difficult to spot. I changed to a wet waterhen bloa and watched the loop in my line, formed by holding the rod tip high and this brought a last few fish of what had proved to be a sensational evenings fishing.

After starting down at Winderwath with a pair of nymphs, I quickly realised that pockets of fish were rising here and there. A change to the trusty paradun resulted in takes straight away - one pool which is sometimes a bit hit and miss, produced 8 fish between 10oz and 1lb 10oz. And so it continued up until about 7pm, when the arrival of another angler on the beat persuaded me to move further upstream for the last few hours of daylight.

Up at Kirkby Thore, the BWO hatch was getting into full swing, although the trout initially appeared reluctant to rise to the duns. Figuring they might be on the ascending pupae, I knotted on a nymph and searched through a couple of likely runs. This wasn't as successful as I would have liked, although it did result in the best fish of the evening - a lovely brownie of 2 ounces below 2lb which leapt clear of the water five times before I could subdue it!

Back to the dry fly as the hatch gathered pace, the sport continued right on beyond dusk when, at about 11pm, I was forced to pack up and make the drive back down the M6.

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