Sunday, June 11, 2006

First trip out in a month!

I managed an evening session on the Eden - my first trip out for over a month and conditions were far from ideal. The day was a hot one - up to 28c - and bright sunshine would surely hinder my chances? Not so, as it turned out.

I noticed a few Yellow May Duns on the wing as I tackled up at the waterside, so I opted for a heptagenid nymph on the point, with a small baetis on the dropper above. This soon proved to be a sound decision, as my first run through a favourite pool produced a missed take and two brownies of 8oz and 14oz.

Next pool up produced nothing, but as I continued to work my way upstream, I suddenly found myself attached to a much more substantial beast. A long and typically dogged fight resulted in a magnificent trout of 2lb 4oz - one of the bigger fish I have encountered on the river.

All this happened over the first two hours of the session and it was still only 7pm, so I made a quick diversion onto the nearby Eamont to see if any evening hatch would materialise. It didn't (still a bit early in the season for co-ordinated evening hatches/falls), but I did manage another pair of fish from some nice pocket water well up the beat. They both took the baetis nymph and were about 12" long - typical fish for this water.

A very enjoyable evening, all told and a pleasure to be back on the water after too long away.

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Neil said...

Good stuff Matt,keep it coming.