Saturday, June 17, 2006

Superb sport to dry fly.

Another Friday evening session and again I found the river in less than ideal nick - very low and beginning to show signs of algal weed growth. The weather was favourable though, being overcast and humid and as soon as I reached the river's edge, it was apparent that there was a lot of fly on the water and fish rising to take them.

I began with a couple of hours on the Eamont, where fish were rising all over the place. A close inspection revealed a lot of Yellow May Dun shucks on the surface and a few Small Yellow Sally stoneflies fluttering around the margins. However the fish appeared to be feasting on the thousands of gnats which were swarming beneath every bankside tree. A Griffiths gnat took a couple of these - fish around the 8oz mark.

After nearly treading on a duck's nest in the long grass as I headed back to the car, I moved over to the Eden at about 6pm. I expected to find fish feeding in my favourite spots and I wasn't disappointed. There was so much fly on the water that it was difficult to pinpoint exactly what they were feeding on. Black and Brown Silverhorns were now hatching in large numbers, so I opted for a parachute Adams and this took fish regularly, up to just over a pound in weight.

A tiny black F-Fly took a couple more plus a half pound grayling from under some bushes, before I came upon an obviously large fish feeding keenly close to the far bank. After moving into position, I covered this fish with several different patterns as the light began to fade - to no avail. However, I eventually noticed a few BWO duns riding the current seam to my left and put on a small olive paradun for one last assault. Luckily this did the trick - a nonchalent rise and gentle sip down resulted in a hooked fish, which after a dogged fight weighed in at exactly 2lb.

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