Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A poor performance at last light!

I knew it would be hard going tonight and was pinning my hopes on there being a dusk fall of spinners to bring a few fish up as the light faded. Up to such a point, I resolved to search through the faster riffles with some weighted nymphs in the hope of connecting with a fish or two.
For this reason, I opted to fish down at Little Salkeld where I hoped to find a bit of slightly faster, deeper water than further upstream. I did, although the Eden was as low as I have seen it in a long, long time. There were rocks standing proud of the surface which I have never seen before and previously boisterous runs were, well, not so boisterous.
I struggled away with a pair of nymphs and managed a couple of small fish and a better grayling of about 8oz, but that was pretty much it.

All night there were vast swarms of brown silverhorns over the water and sure enough, after about 9pm the bwo and pale watery spinners began to return to the river to lay their eggs and die. When a few fish began to rise in a favourite pool, I slipped into the water with high expectations of at least a few minutes of sport. What followed was a display of such rank incompetence that any passer-by would have never believed I had ever held a fly rod in my hands before!
Anyone familiar with fishing a spinner fall will admit that sometimes, it just isn’t easy. Still, the clumsiness with which I ‘windmilled’ away at the feeding trout before me was embarrassing. I managed to miss a couple of rises and cover at least four fish with no response at all before slipping on a greasy stone and getting a wader-full of warm Eden water!

The light was nearly gone at this point so I decided to cut my losses and squelched back to the car, resolving to fish with a lot more finesse next time out and hoping for a few showers to lift our rivers out of their stagnating doldrums.

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windknotter said...

Yes, I think we're all finding it hard at the moment. When's it going to cool down? I can't keep blanking like this. I wonder how much it is to take up golf?

Enjoying your posts though.