Saturday, August 19, 2006

Beacon Tarn in the rain.

A truly miserable day today and I don’t really know why I bothered leaving the house. It rained all yesterday and when I got up this morning it was still pissing down, but I’d already made my mind up to go fishing so I packed my gear and set off.

With so much rain falling, the rivers were up and rising fast - good news for the salmon but not much use to me today. Instead I opted for what will probably my last tarn fishing expedition of the summer. On went the waterproofs and up into the Blawith fells I headed, to have a look at Beacon Tarn.

This water lies a mile or so up from the picnic site at Coniston’s Brown Howe and involves only a gentle ascent to reach. It’s just as well really as a couple of hours of fishing there left me wet through and without having moved a fish.
In fact I’m beginning to forget what it’s like to catch a decent trout. Maybe I should make things a bit easier for myself and visit my local put and take pond!

I did make a diversion on the way back down to the car, to have a look at the disused Torver Reservoir. Unfortunately I found it to be far too shallow and weedy to be viable for fly fishing, even though I am told it holds a few trout……

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