Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dog days continue on the Eden....

The river is very low and clear at the moment and the fishing is a bit dour. I only managed small trout tonight, up to about 5oz, along with a few immature grayling. They mostly took a small nymph fished up through the broken water at the heads of the pools and although fish in this size class are a good sign for the future, it was disappointing not to connect with anything bigger.

A very large number of spinners - blue winged and pale watery - were in evidence above the bank-side vegetation. However there wasn’t really a fall as such and as a result there was little surface activity. I did manage a couple of slightly better fish to a paradun as the light went, but overall this was tough going and the presence of five swans on the beat - ploughing through all the water in front of me - didn’t help at all. Shoot all wildfowl, I say!

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