Saturday, August 26, 2006

Exploring new water on the Lowther.

Beautiful conditions for stream fishing today, even if our waters are on the low side. The weather was gentle and still and feeling like one of those late season days when water seems to blend with sky and all of a sudden, the bank-side vegetation looks tired and overgrown.
I don’t know why but late summer into early autumn is one of my favourite times of the year - a time when a certain freshness returns to the air and the fishing peacefully advances towards the close of another season.

I found the Eden lower than expected today. Despite heavy showers during the week, the ground is bone dry at the moment and water just runs off the surface without infiltrating the soil. As a result the river’s response is to rise and fall quicker than usual and I found the going quite hard in the shortened pools of the Bolton beat.
Despite a few silver horns being present, there was little surface activity and I concentrated on prospecting the popply water with a pair of nymphs. This brought a few fish - both trout and grayling - although they were all small.

After lunch, I decided to drive over to Askham to take a look at a section of the Lowther which has recently been acquired by the club. It runs upstream from the Askham road bridge, to the previous downstream limit near Crookwath - a good mile of double bank fishing.
I found the river here to be completely different in character to the water upstream - faster flowing over a bouldery bed with lots of nice pocket water. The Lowther is enclosed by a steep sided, heavily wooded gorge hereabouts and I enjoyed wading and boulder-hopping my way upstream far below the popular footpath above.

The fishing was good too. A little copper-head nymph brought regular interest from small, but beautiful wild fish and by the time I emerged into daylight at the top end of the gorge, I had returned a good number of trout up to about 10” - enough to send me home feeling satisfied with the day’s sport. Definitely a beat worth further investigation.


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Gareth said...

WOW! That is a gorgeous water! My type of stream!