Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Lowther again, in heavy rain.

After heavy rain yesterday, the Eden was a bit too coloured to fish today so I took the opportunity to re-visit the same stretch of the Lowther I fished last week.
This is a stream which seems to respond to a bit of fresh coming through, so I was hopeful of some decent sport, even though heavy rain meant that the session would be a short one.
With a brace of nymphs, I worked my way up through the gorge, making short casts into likely looking pockets and runs. Results were disappointing though - only a couple of small fish took the PTN and despite a substantial hatch of olives around mid-morning, a change to spiders failed to produce.


Mike said...

That's a really lovely bit of water there. I can just imagine a nice grayling sitting next to that current seam..

I enjoy your blog by the way, you should post more often..! :)

Matthew Eastham said...

Cheers Mike!
I wish I could post more often! The reason I don't is that a new baby this year has curtailed my activities..oh well.