Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Pleasant Day After Grayling

A colder, clearer spell after recent rains tempted me out in search of autumn grayling and although sport was patchy, a pleasant day was spent on the river after an absence of a few weeks.

The water was quite high at Anthony Holme, and belting through at a fair old whack, so I rigged up a team of heavy bugs and set to fishing the beat through as thoroughly as I could. The results were mixed, with a couple grayling coming to top and middle droppers (average fish of 12-14oz), a better fish lost after twisting off in the current, and a handful of immature grayling on spiders late in the day before a decent brownie took the purple snipe.

So quite hard going, but a pleasure to be back on the river on such a still November day - my walk across the flood plain was shared with a congregation of greylag geese and a large flock of curlews heading coastward for the winter.

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