Wednesday, January 03, 2007

High and Rising at Bolton Willows

The Eden was high and rising today and I got stranded on the wrong side of the river at the end of the session, when I found that the 150mm rise added to the already high water meant that the crossing back over the ford at Bridge End was a definite no-no. I had to walk a mile upstream to Bolton Bridge and back down the other side, just to get to the car!

Although the water was clearing nicely following the recent spate, I was still surprised at how slowly the level had dropped. I was probably 24 or even 48 hours too early for perfect conditions and had to make do with being pinned in quite close to the bank.
I plonked the team of heavy nymphs into every likely looking spot, but with little reward. A 12” brownie from well down the beat saved the blank but even so, I was surprised not to connect with a grayling or two.

It is so mild at the moment and we haven’t really had a frost worth mentioning yet. I wonder if the winter is going to drag on into a really late spring - just like last year. It was so mild this afternoon that I was sure I would find a few fish rising to midge on the flats as the light started to fade. Not to be - possibly put off by the rising water?

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