Saturday, March 17, 2007

Slow start to the new season.

Cold, windy weather greeted me on this, my first outing of the new season and I took a bad cold with me to the banks of the Eden, which made life less than comfortable…
I had hoped for a localised emergence of large dark olives and some sport to spiders, but early season trout have a tendency not to play ball and I was restricted for most of the day to dredging the bottom, Czech nymph style.

I had fished upstream to the A66 road bridge before I found a handful of LDO’s hatching in the comparative shelter of the bridge supports and a quick change to a small baetis nymph brought a quick response from the only fish of the day - a large brownie of well over 2lb which I lost at the net.
Thereafter, I put up a team of spiders and fished ‘escalator’ style back down to the car without so much as a tap.

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