Saturday, April 07, 2007

First of the season.

In beautiful spring weather, I caught my first trout of the new season from a favourite beat of the Eden, although a day which promised much largely failed to live up to early expectation.
I started in time for the anticipated spring olive hatch and put up a pair of nymphs - fox squirrel and baetis - to work my way upstream whilst on the look out for any surface activity. This brought early success in the neck of a favourite pool, when a nice fish of just below the pound took the fox squirrel nymph in surprisingly thin water.
Next pool up and another fish was hooked, but this one - of a similar size to the previous - twisted off as it surged towards far bank roots.
So half an hour in and two fish hooked, things were looking good. Unfortunately I wasn’t to move another fish all afternoon.
I did eventually find a few olives hatching above Crowdundle Beck mouth, but nothing was rising to them. Our club secretary Andrew Dixon made a very good point on this matter in a recent magazine article. He claimed that bright, sunny conditions in spring tend to lead to poor rises to LDO hatches, as the flies’ wings dry out that bit quicker thus allowing them to take flight from the surface quickly. That certainly seemed to be the case today as the olives were in the air seconds after emergence.
In these circumstances, I sometimes find a team of spiders fished square across and drifting downstream, can be successful. Not today though, and I retired to the car with a leg full of water - my bloody waders are leaking again!

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