Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nuisance grayling at Winderwath

It’s still early in the year for evening fishing, but beggars can’t be choosers and my best chance of getting on to the water at the moment is after work on a Friday. Nevertheless a fine evening’s sport was had and I managed to get some good photos which would have been nice, if I hadn’t just accidentally erased them from my camera……

I wasn’t expecting a rise tonight and I didn’t get one - any activity would have ceased before I arrived at the river. There was however, a huge emergence of grannom sedge after 7pm. My wader legs were covered in them as I stood in shin deep water and as I watched closely, I could see that they were egg-bearing females; one by one they crawled down my legs and into the water to deposit their loads on the river bed. I was pleased to see them - they seem to me to have become more scarce in these parts over the last few years.

That was about it for insect activity. A few dark olive spinners were in evidence and an odd olive upright dun floated down past me, but my efforts for the evening would be concentrated on fishing a pair of nymphs up through the likely looking pools.

The Eden has had a lift this week after overnight rain on Wednesday and Thursday and was running a few inches up and with a nice peaty tinge. I immediately felt confident I would be able to odge out a few fish; and so it proved, although the majority were out of season grayling with the best a spawned out cock of around a pound and a half.
I finished up 3 fish to 6 in favour of the grayling - slightly surprising for a beat where I have rarely encountered them in the past. The fox squirrel nymph was the successful fly, with couple late on to spiders.

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