Friday, May 11, 2007

Gnat much happening on the Eden!

When I arrived at the water's edge tonight and saw that a huge number of gnats were swarming over the river's surface like a black snow storm, I was hopeful - confident even - of a fine evening's fishing. Unfortunately the weather man got it right this time and by 7pm the rain had arrived and with it went my chances of much sport.

As well as the gnats, there were the usual suspects - uprights, yellow duns, a few grannom and pale wateries; and the river seemed to be in ideal nick with a nice tinge of colour and running about six inches above normal. I was a bit surprised then, that apart from a couple of small trout early on, nothing at all was forthcoming (a situation confirmed after a chat with a fellow angler who hadn't touched anything either). I even resorted late on to bottom bouncing three heavy bugs around Czech nymph style, but for the second Friday in a row I have returned home disappointed.

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