Friday, May 18, 2007

Lashed by gales on the Eamont.

It rained persistently this morning and I could see from the motorway north of Tebay that the infant Lune was well up and carrying colour. The Eden would almost certainly be in a similar state, so I headed out to Yanwath to fish the Eamont which, fed as it is by Ullswater, shows less flashy flood characteristics and would therefore be more likely to be in good nick.

When I got to the water's edge, my decision proved to be sound; the river was a few inches up (and as it turned out, rising slowly), and carrying just a touch of colour - perfect!
Unfortunately for the second Friday running, the weather man got it spot on and during the course of the evening I had to contend with regular heavy showers and a near gale force, squally wind out of the south west - which to those who are familiar with the Eamont, means plumb downstream!
Bearing in mind the difficult conditions, I 'lined-up' my four-weight rod with a #5 line and went for a single copper headed nymph on a 12' tapered leader, in the hope of achieving something like an acceptable upstream presentation and although the going was by no means easy, I did manage to get some interest.

I had four takes in total. The first was a small fish which wriggled off straight away, but the following three were all successfully landed, and all were decent fish in the 12 inch size class.

So whilst the evening couldn't really be described as enjoyable, I did derive some satisfaction at having, I felt, coped quite well under the circumstances....but how I am ready for a peaceful summer's evening fishing, with no rain or excessive wind and the chance of some sport to the dry fly. The long range forecast suggests I might have a little longer to wait.

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