Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mayfly Time.

I spent a rather fruitless few hours on the Eden and Eamont last night, with just a few immature fish coming to spiders. It was a pleasant evening though, and was surprised to find that in the week since I last visited, several different species of insect were on the wing.

Last Friday's session was dominated by the grannom sedge, but these were absent tonight. In their place I found thousands of black gnats swarming below the sycamores, a few uprights, yellow May duns and the first mayflies of the season.

We don't see large hatches of the latter around these parts - with the possible exception of Ullswater- and their importance from an angling point of view is negligible, but I'm always glad to see them. They are large, elegant flies and unmistakeable as they bumble along on the breeze.

Soon the Eden valley will be alive with the vibrancy of early summer and long, productive fishing days hopefully await....

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