Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dawn raid at Penrith.

There is something very special about being up at dawn during the summer and I always enjoy a few hours of fishing while the world is at its most peaceful. Admittedly the pre-breakfast shift hasn't always yielded particularly productive fishing for me (except maybe during the height of the summer dog days), but it does a man good to hear the dawn chorus from time to time.
I was pleasantly surprised this morning - I managed to eke out 5 nice trout (all around 12-14oz) and one grayling of a pound, as well as numerous parr. Once again, the PTN was the successful fly. I started on the Eden at Winderwath and had fished through the upper beat by around 7am, with only the grayling to show. Fortunes improved with a move to the Eamont, for an hour along the Carleton Park stretch. It was here that I started picking up the trout, alongside the A66 road, unusually quiet at this hour.
Of course I would have loved to have stayed on, but other commitments meant it was back to the car at 8:30 and off down the M6, to the land of the living.........

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