Saturday, June 09, 2007

Low water and small fish.

Our rivers have fallen below normal summer level and are in need of some rain to freshen things up a bit. It is still possible to catch a few fish - especially late on - but overall the going is becoming tough.

I spent a few hours tonight on the Eden near Penrith. Apart from a number of longhorn sedges, there was very little hatching and little fish activity in the bright conditions. I persevered with the 'duo' rig and had some success to the tiny baetis nymph which I had suspended a couple of feet below an olive paradun. In all, I returned 6 trout and 4 grayling to this method, but the low average size of the fish was notable - none would have gone more than half a pound, they were all around the 8" mark. A good sign for the future at least.

Hopefully we'll get a few thunder storms soon.......

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