Thursday, June 07, 2007

Low water in Dentdale.

John Beer’s article in this month’s Trout & Salmon magazine, reminded me that it is a few years since I last fished the River Dee in Dentdale. I decided to spend a brief evening session exploring our association water upstream of Rash Bridge.

The valley here is unbelievably picturesque and the tree-lined Dee meanders sedately through lush hay meadows, rich with mixed wild flowers. It is a pleasure just to walk the banks of such a delightful piece of water - which is just as well, because there was very little fishing to be had this evening. The Dee was extremely low, just creeping along over its gravelly bed, and the only fish feeding in the bright sunshine were very small brownies beneath the alders and willows.
I spent an hour or so wandering upstream without even making a cast. It was pleasant enough, but there was little opportunity to wet a line, so I opted to head over to the Lune for the last hour.
The Lune’s native trout population has dwindled to insignificance over recent years, but I did find a few rising fish in the deep dub above the viaduct. I was sure they were stockies ( SAA always chuck a few in here each season), and so it proved - the black klinkhamer brought an aggressive rise from a decent sized, but ragged looking trout which had the tell-tale blue dye spot on its underbelly.

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