Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tackle for tarns.

Thanks to Nick for his comments on my Hayeswater post. He wants to know what tackle I use for this type of fishing; well here you are Nick:

1. First rule of fishing remote waters is 'keep it light'. You've got a rucksack full of more important things like food, water, map, compass etc, so leave the tackle tart instincts behind and keep it down to the bare minimum. Factor in a small person as well and there's more than enough to lug about without bringing all the tackle under the sun!

2. You'll need a multi-piece rod which will strap to your pack. On the day in question, I used a 10' #6 Scott A2, which breaks into 4 sections. This can be lashed to my pack/child carrier using one of those 'bungee cord' things. I also have a 10' #4 Streamflex which will be preferred if I'm expecting nice calm weather.

3. Reel loaded with floating line - that's all you need. I suppose an intermediate might be useful in a really good blow, but I rarely take mine nowadays.

4. Sundries - one spool of 0.12mm Stroft leader material, floatant, sinkant, box of flies and ,well, that's it! The flies are your standard traditional wets - Kate McLaren, bibio, dabblers etc, with a few small nymphs and dries (hoppers mainly).

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nick690 said...

Thanks for the info.
I only have an Orvis Trident TLS 10' 7# 4 piece so that will have to do for now.
Thanks again.