Monday, September 24, 2007

A weekend of wilderness in Assynt.

Earlier on in the summer, Rob and I had discussed the possibility of a weekend up in the far north west of Scotland. The idea was to combine a bit of wilderness camping with some fly fishing and the ascent of that most iconic of mountains, Suilven. And in the middle September, our plans came to fruition at the last minute and we packed the camping gear and bombed up the motorways and A roads towards Ullapool and the impossibly beautiful Inverpolly Nature Reserve.

This blog may be called ‘North Country Angler’, but the north I’m used to is nothing compared to this extremity of our Island. This is a land of wilderness bog and heather scrub, with ancient and monolithic mountains rearing out of the surrounding moorland like malevolent sleeping ogres. I was awestruck as we passed through Inchnadamph and along the shores of Assynt, with Suilven, Canisp, Quinag and company watching over our every move.

Needless to say, the weekend didn’t disappoint. We had it all – complete isolation from civilisation, long hikes over inhospitable territory, fine fishing for the numerous wild brown trout of Fionn Loch, amazing views from Caisteal Liath (the summit of Suilven), and even a near death experience – or so it seemed – when the tent was knackered by 70mph winds on the second night.

I have neither the time, nor the space to do justice to the adventure here, but if you follow the links below, Rob has posted an in depth, three part account of the trip on I would recommend this as an excellent read….and his photos are better than mine!!


Anonymous said...

if anyone has just read this short preview, i strongly suggest you take the link to robs account of it as it is a truly sterling report! it has brought me great pleasure and shows how much wild, unexplored country we have here in britain! nice one lads!!! get it in a magazine!

Robin Dearden said...

Matt, looking at the detailed reports looks like a great trip, most envious!!
As I have now moved to Leeds we should meet up for a wander in the Dales of Lakes sometime...

Matthew Eastham said...

Cheers Robin!

Call me up and we'l have a day or two out - I sure cold use the exercise!!

Alistair said...

Hey Mathew - would you mind changing the URL and description in your blogroll.

Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin is now

The Urban Fly Fisher and the url is

I have set up a rediret so it all goes there anyway however I will be taking that down shortly.

Thanks muchly