Thursday, February 28, 2008

Winter bugs.

Now that the grayling season is nearly over, I suppose it's time to more or less wave bye-bye to the winter bugs. I have a couple of dozen really monstrous Czech style nymphs tied on heavily leaded hooks sized 6-12, which spend 10 months of the year confined to the dark recesses of my fly box.
However this winter I have found the tungsten 'Bidoz Bodies' to be a revelation and I could well see myself using the smaller sizes fished singly, right through the coming season. Obviously tungsten is much denser than lead, so a smaller pattern can be used to achieve the same depth quickly and these little moulded bodies really fit the bill - I have been able to use a team of much smaller nymphs than usual and I think catch rates have improved as a result. And the best thing is, they're dead easy to tie. I'm well impressed!
You may have seen them reviewed recently by Magnus Angus in 'Fly Fishing and Fly Tying' magazine. Magnus was excited by the possibilities offered by the bodies and I can see why. I can imagine a single olive green number fished into pocket water could be effective right through the summer - it will be interesting to experiment......
I don't believe they are widely available at the moment, but if you follow the adjacent link, they can be purchased from Pat Stevens' excellent FlyTek site.

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Gareth said...

Hi Matt,

Let us know if you do any experimentation with the smaller sized bidoz bodies, I fancy giving them a go myself throughout the trout season.

Good luck!