Friday, May 16, 2008

Out of luck on the Eamont.

Over the last few years I have spent most of my spare time in the beautiful Eden Valley, fishing the parent river and her tributaries. This year however, has seen me posted in Liverpool through the working week so evening sessions have been restricted in range to more local spots.
Tonight though, with midsumer only a few weeks away, I decided to make the 110 mile drive from Merseyside up to Penrith for a couple of hours on the delightful Lower Eamont - my first visit of the season.

Was it worth it? Well yes and no. It's always a pleasure to fish this area and I caught a few trout tonight, but in truth I was a bit knackered after the day at work and the long drive, and I didn't fish with any real conviction. Probably best to save such a trip for a full day, so that it can be appropriately savoured.

There were all sorts of insect groups on the water this evening - caddis, olives, gnats and stoneflies. Many different species were represented, but few in any great number. The result was a few rising fish.....and a bit of a guessing game as to what they were targeting. I plumped for gnats and set about them with a small black klinkhamer. This brought moderate success with several nice little trout of 10-12".

However, I dropped the best two fish of the evening a few seconds after hooking them, leaving me rueing my luck. I don't believe I did anything particularly wrong, they just threw the hook. That's just how it goes sometimes.
The latter of the two fish was a real stonker. He rose as delicately as a parr and I was certain he would be small.......until I lifted the rod and suddenly found line peeling off my reel at an alarming rate as the fish charged off toward far bank cover. I had him turned and back under control, when......nothing; my soggy klinkhamer came back to me minus one big trout!

That knocked the wind out of my sails somewhat, and I saw out the remainder of daylight thinking about what might have been instead of concentrating on my fishing.
Even so, this brief session reminded me how much I love the area and I look forward to doing it justice with a full day sometime soon.

No photos tonight sorry - I forgot the camera.

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