Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Very Tolerant Wife.

Alistair at http://urbanflyfisher.com/ has decided to post a picture of his better half and has suggest the rest of us bloggers do likewise. Good idea Alistair!
We are probably all guilty of spending that bit too much time fishing, writing about fishing, thinking about fishing etc, and those of us who share our lives with another person should be bloody thankful that they accept our eccentricities and tolerate our sometimes peculiar behaviour as much as they do.
My wife has certainly had to put up with far too much fly fishing over the 13 years we have been together. From time to time my er, obsession has caused arguments and ill feeling and I have found it necessary to reasses my priorities, but overall I like to think she finds my antics oddly endearing.
Whichever way, since we first met Karen has been - and will remain - my best mate and I'm very proud of her. She does indeed qualify as my best ever catch!


phil-k said...

Looks like you have got a cracker there Matt.

I think at this time of year with a big freeze coming at weekend it is a good time to spend time with our loved ones.

The fish will still be there next season and would we enjoy our fishing as much if we didn't have a lovely family to come home to?

Tony said...

Only if that big freeze stops the rivers flowing Phil ? yes it's hard at times leaving the kids and Mrs for a few hours , but having said that after a week at work I have found a few hours at the river refreshes me and my patience , therefore making me better to live with and in turn my time with my little uns more enjoyable (well that's my excuse)
Totally agree Matt if we find someone who tolerates our pastime we are lucky ..... ask phil how I celebrated my 14th wedding anniversary !!

Chris said...

I have been following teh links starting with http://urbanfisherman.com. I think it is great that a "ring' of wife postings has started. However, I'm scared that my wife would KILL me for posting a pic. She hates cameras...