Monday, March 23, 2009

All activities temporarily suspended....

This little girl is called Evie and is responsible for a complete suspension on all angling activities for the next few weeks. Not that I'm bothered of course; between her constant needs, keeping a boisterous toddler from becoming envious, and nurturing an exhausted post-pregnancy Mum back to normality, I've got more important things to think about.

I'm pleased to say that baby and mother have come through the birth unscathed. I'm immensely proud of them both and delighted to have them home, safe and sound.


Mike Duddy said...

Well no one else has left a comment so I am.

Congtratulations on your new baby - brilliant - i am sure you will have great times together and she will go on to great things leaving you in her shadow as a proud and doting father.

Now as she has a magnificent head of hair - is there nothing that can be done with transplants, stem cell research etc to replenish your diminishing barnet as kids are an expensive hobby and should be encouraged to pay their way!!:)

Tony said...

All the best Matt puts you in the same position as me, time is much harder to find but when you do have a few hours you value it all the more!!! once again Congratulations to you and your family.

Gareth said...

A massive congratulations to the two of you Matt! I hope you don't lose too much sleep with the new arrival!

I'm very pleased for you both :D

Matthew Eastham said...

Hey thanks a lot lads. I think it will take more than hair transplants to sort out my pate Mike!

....and no, I'm not gatting any bloody sleep either!


Nick Carter said...

Congratulations Matt, what a beauty!!! ...sorry, the years of fishing mean I congratulate everyone like they've just caught a nice fish!

gerry atric said...

Congratulations Matt and to Mrs E who played no small part in the event.
Hope everything goes well for you all.

Best regards