Sunday, March 01, 2009

Kelly Galloup's Spinner Cripple.

I've been tying some more of the tasty looking spinner cripples I mentioned a couple of posts ago. This concept has really captured my imagination and I am hopeful the fly will become a firm favourite of mine on the summer evenings to come.
Although recently touted by Yorkshire experts Oliver Edwards and Stuart Crofts, it turns out the pattern was devised by US angler Kelly Galloup. The link below is fascinating and well worth a look:

Obviously the basic premise could be adapted to suit the spent adult of any of our ephemeroptera species, but I have dressed the ones above to suit the blue-winged olive imago, which is arguably the most important spinner fall on the northern angler's calendar.

In case anyone is interested, the recipe is as follows:

Hook: Tiemco 100bl, #16 or 18. Hook is cranked approx 30 degrees with pliers.
Thread: Spiderweb.
Tails: Three dun microfibbets, evenly split using the thread.
Rib: Orange Pearsalls silk.
Abdomen: Masterclass dubbing - a blend of shades #18 and #22.
Wing: Single ply of Tiemco aero-dry wing, tied in at 45 degrees to hook shank.
Hackle: Blue dun cock, underside trimmed flush.

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Gareth said...

Fantastic patterns there Matt! I do really like those a lot, and I've been looking for a good spinner pattern for a while. These look the business!