Sunday, April 26, 2009

Barnsfold again: rainbows, blues....and rudd!

More success tonight on a venue which is really fishing its socks off at the moment. Once again we took a boat out on Beacon Lake, on an evening of gentle, warm breeze and spectacular sky. The fishing was a bit tricky this evening - spells of bright sunshine and a surface which ended up as flat as a mill pond rendered top of the water tactics decidedly testing - despite fish being up on hatching midge all over the place.

Dad - who is to a suspender buzzer what Matt LeTissier was to Southampton FC - plugged away for the full three hours on his emerger approach, returning 11 fish for his efforts (including some very fit blue trout which took off like express trains). I chose to mix things up a little more; the suspender did the trick sure enough, with last week's 'stuck shuck' version proving most effective - coincidence or design? Only time and further testing will tell.....
However, I spent an equal amount of time on sunk line tactics too. Early on a washing line set-up of mini lures did the trick on a number of fish in the top 3' of water, and during the last half hour before darkness I really struck gold when a pair of diawl bachs briskly twiddled behind an orange blob on the top dropper induced take after take - more or less every cast brought interest of some kind with the blob presumably drawing the fish in, only for them to snatch at either of the nymphs behind. My total for the evening - 16 fish on a water that is producing to more or less any method at present.

The evening's big surprise came in the form of three rudd which saw fit to take - believe it or not - the mini cat's whisker I had on the top dropper at the time! Three casts, three little rudd - unbelievable! I know for a fact the Beacon Lake holds a few very good rudd indeed - they occasionally fall to emergers. Mine were all small but nonetheless perfectly formed - how I would love to catch one of the big 'uns!

Rain is forecast for next week and hopefully our rivers will receive a much needed flush. I have enjoyed myself immensely on Barnsfold lately, but a proper start to my river season is overdue and I am itching to get going now that spring is gathering momentum.

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