Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday on the Eden.

We fly fishers are never happy are we? An Easter weekend of beautiful weather brought the country to life and anglers to the water in droves. Certainly I was excited at the prospect of a full day on the Eden after having earned some family brownie points in the preceding days and when I dropped in on Steven to see if he fancied joining me for the day, our hopes were high of some fine spring sport now the weather seems finally to have warmed.

Trouble was, the sun was just too damn bright! What you want for a day of sport to large dark olive hatches are cool, overcast conditions so that the duns get stuck on the surface film waiting for their wings to dry out. Today we saw plenty of insect activity - more than had been seen of late according to Steven, who fishes the Eden regularly - but the vast majority of those flies were airborne......and trout can't fly.
Nevertheless those flies have to actually get to the surface to emerge, and the season's first grannom caddis were skittering around our wader legs looking for a means of reaching the river bed to oviposit - so I was still confident we would have some sport to the nymph.

Early signs were encouraging; prospecting the first pool with an olive nymph and sedge pupa, brought five quick-fire offers, resulting in four fish landed. Another fish followed soon after, whilst Steven had raised and landed a good fish to the dry half of his duo set-up. Unfortunately sport petered away rapidly from there on, with very little showing any inclination to feed. Steven did land the best fish of the day late on though - a fat pounder found the Griffiths gnat to its liking.

This was not a day to be remembered for fine fishing. It was however, a day to be remembered for fine, warm spring weather, an Eden valley beginning to burst with life, and time spent catching up with a good friend at the relaxed, leisurely pace that fly fishing so readily affords.

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