Monday, May 04, 2009

A handful of larger imitations.....

Whilst on the Ribble the other night in the midst of hatching olive uprights and large caddis, it occured to me that the fly box I was carrying didn't really have appropriately sized imitations, being more geared up to the early season midge and large dark olive hatches of a few weeks previous.

So an hour at the vice this afternoon presented an opportunity to devise imitations of these uprights and sedge flies, in the hope they may prove useful next time out. The olives below are nothing new - simple cdc duns scaled up on Tiemco #17 hooks. The caddis is a bit more experimental but looks tasty enough.....

Olive Upright Dun.

Hook: Tiemco 103bl #17
Thread: Olive Griffiths 16/0
Tails: Dun microfibbets
Rib: Hends synthetic quill in dark olive
Abdomen: Blend of MC #2 & #3
Thorax: Blend of MC #3 & #8
Wings: Natural CDC

Big Caddis.

Hook: Tiemco 103bl #15
Thread: Cinnamon Griffiths 16/0
Rib: Hends synthetic quill in brown
Abdomen: MC #5
Thorax: MC #8
Wing: Brown CDC
Legs: Hen pheasant fibres

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Andy Baird said...

Matthew, I love those upright duns, man! How do you find the quills to work with? I see Phil at the Fly Tying Boutique stocks them... and I'm very tempted ;)