Sunday, July 05, 2009

One day I will find a spinner pattern that I am happy with........

Bloody spinner falls! They always seem to leave more questions than answers. I haven't actually fished one this season yet, but on Friday night I was reminded how frustrating they can be as I stood watching Terry and Steven cast at a number of hard-feeding trout on the Eden. Spent spinners of serratella ignita were to blame (blue-winged olive to you and I), and for half an hour in near darkness there were so many fish feeding that it seemed impossible to fail.

To be fair, Steven did nobble a couple of fish to a fairly large spent pattern, but overall we had fared better earlier in the evening when the fish were less preoccupied with a single food source.

I have yet to find a spinner pattern in which I am fully confident. I don't like spent wing patterns as I don't trust their floatability and like something that even in full darkness, I can just about see. Earlier in the year I tied a few of Kelly Galloup's sexy looking cripples and felt sure I had found the answer. However, when I took them for a trial run to see how they sat on the water etc, I found line twist to be a real issue as my fine tippet corkscrewed into horribly tight twizzles. I must have tied them incorrectly, such that the monolateral wing acted as a vane of sorts......

Anyway, I've given up now and decided to cheat. I've come up with a hybridised job, combining the cranked body of the Galloup pattern with a long-fibred, sparsely hackled parachute. I know that this will be visible and it should remain stable in the surface film alright. I'm also hoping that by keeping the tying light and sparse, the delicacy and translucency of the natural insect isn't compromised too much. Only time will tell, but at least I'll have a bit more confidence in what I'm doing......

Sherry Spinner

Same style adapted to suit Yellow May (viewed from beneath)


Gareth said...

Hi Matt,

If you don't mind me asking mate, what hooks do you tie your spinners on? I've tried 'cracking' the hook, and I find I end up snapping more than I 'crank'.


Matthew Eastham said...


I know what you mean. I tried the Partridge SLDs and they just snapped every time. The ones I've used are Tiemco 100BL - a nice longish shank and bends really well.


Gareth said...

Cheers for the info Matt.

Those spinners look deadly. I've even followed suit and tied myself a few for a session to the river Usk this week. I'm now hoping for a spinner fall.


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