Saturday, December 19, 2009

Grayling Day.

What is grayling fishing to me? This depends according to the venue and time of year. Today it was........... degree below zero and two inches of snow on the ground; thick socks, gloves and a daft hat; my boot laces stiff and bobbly with ice; a clear, dark river flowing viscously over freshly scoured gravel; oystercatchers lifting and wheeling and piping their disapproval at my presence; the delicate beauty of winter trees; tired, battle-scarred salmon slipping back over the pool tails; the broad sweep of a clean winter sky, fading to coppery gold over western moors; weighted nymphs, a favourite pool, two hours intensive searching and the growing realiseation in the waning light that this afternoon, no grayling would be caught.
Today was all these things; but above all, it was the complete, all-encompassing and deafening stillness of a hard midwinter day in the Ribble Valley.  









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Ricky said...

Some great pictures, real Christmas card stuff.

Have a great Christmas and New year.