Monday, January 04, 2010

Basic Bugs and an old favourite.

The weekend saw me anticipating the coming spring and with it, early season trout fishing. My efforts at the vice centred around basic quick sinking nymphs and large dark olive emerger patterns. The following are examples of what I'll be using come March - the brassie style bugs for searching cold water before the hatch; and my old favourite the snowshoe hare emerger for deployment when the first sign of surface activity appears.

At the moment, with temperatures not looking like rising much above freezing for the next week at least, the day when I get to tie on a SHE to a tapered leader feels like a long time off!

Green Wire Bug.

Hook: Kamasan B175 #14
Bead: 2.4mm tungsten
Wire: Green UTC
Thorax dubbing: Mix of different olive seals furs

Pink wire Bug.

Hook: As above
Bead: As above
Wire: Wine UTC
Thorax Dubbing: Blend of bloody claret seals furs

Snowshoe Hare Emerger.

Hook: Varivas 2200 #14
Thread: 14/0 sheer
Rib: Yellow Pearsalls silk
Tag: Small mirage tinsel
Abdomen: Masterclass dubbing - dark olive
Thorax: Blend of various olive seas furs (staple length halved)
Wing: Fur from foot of snowshoe hare, dyed dun


glen pointon said...

some nice flys and bugs again!!
That LDO emerger you do got me into tying and what a flys it is, i caught loads on it last year and am all ready with materials to start tying them again...
i see you have pimmped them up from last years!!
Nice one bro

Matthew Eastham said...

Cheers Glen. Yes I have done some pimping. Do you think there might be a telly series in the making there?!