Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Messing about with pupae.

My fly box doesn’t contain many dedicated caddis pupa imitations, which is probably to my disadvantage. I’ve always tended to get by with scruffy hare’s ear type concoctions and well known emerger patterns such as the balloon caddis. However, last season I did have a spell of trying something more specifically like an ascending pupa pattern and at times, had great sport with it.......so maybe it’s about time I gave the subject some more thought – after all, what’s the point in making the geekish effort to tie in the correct number of tails on my baetis imitation, when I fish any old bit of fluff for the equally important caddis species?! I’ve been guilty of double standards here and it’s arguably cost me a few fish.

Not that I’m looking for a particularly realistic pattern (that would certainly be a case of double standards after my previous post regarding footprints), but one which better emphasises the insect’s key triggers as I believe the fish might perceive them, namely; a fat, juicy abdomen with barring to top side, long pair of antennae swept back over the body, dark wing pads and a mess of partially unfolded legs.

I’ve pinched a few ideas from elsewhere, notably an interesting old magazine article I found, written by Oliver Edwards. So there’s nothing new here, more a case of me trying to get up to speed. The pattern above is my initial attempt but is only partially realised. Over the next few days I’ll be trying to come up with a way of representing tucked in legs and the dark colouration of ripe wing pads.

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oldsmugglerflyfishing said...

I don´t think like you, I like what you have tied.