Saturday, February 06, 2010

Classic North of England Spiders #3: Purple Snipe

Snipe & purple, dark snipe, purple snipe: call it what you will, this is one of the most famous of our north country spiders. I'm not sure what exactly it is intended to imitate; the small stonefly species are the most likely candidates. But whichever way, there is no doubting that the fly is a very good catcher of trout, and particularly grayling.
I find it fishes best at either end of the season, although a very small version with waxed purple silk makes a good summer fly when the fish are smutting.

Purple Snipe
Hook: Mustad R50 #14,16,18
Silk: Pearsalls purple
Hackle: Snipe marginal covert

Tying notes:
As previous post.

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Hillend Dabbler said...

Really enjoying your latest North Country Spider entries. All very interesting.Can you send the dresing for that unmentionable fly please.
Thanks , Allan.