Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nearly there: baetis nymphs and home made leaders.......

The new season starts on Monday and although it will be a little while yet before I get to the banks of my favourite rivers, the anticipation is palpable. I've made sure my stocks of olive nymphs (such as those shown above) are complete, and by way of keeping myself occupied, I have been messing about tying my own tapered leaders to various different formulas.
This is probably uneccessary/nerdish/anal (delete as appropriate) considering that perfectly serviceable leaders are available in the shops, but I just fancied having the flexibility to fish say, a longer leader than normal, or a steeply tapered wind-beating version when conditions dictate. Once I had procured the necessary different diameters of copolymer (Orvis Super Strong in this instance), I used the leadercalc tool for guidance in constructing the tapers - a very useful spreadsheet, and one which allows you to print off your own custom labels. A couple of examples are shown below.

Whether or not this proves to be a worthwhile venture, I will reveal in due course. It's certainly kept me busy for the last couple of weeks, and allowed me to practice two knots which I rarely use these days - the full blood and perfection loop.

Other than that, it's been mainly a case of servicing reels and renewing line stops on my sinkers and so on. Roll on the new season, I can hardly wait!

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