Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flavour of the month

Not much to report here I'm afraid, following my late session on the Ribble on Friday. Although it's far too early to expect evening sport on the river, I just fancied a nosey to see how our beat looked after the long winter.
I half hoped that if there were a few grannom around, the returning egg-laden females might induce a bit of feeding and some sport to a drowned pattern, but the little brown caddis were nowhere to be seen (their appearance probably delayed slightly like the rest of the spring).

As it was I had a pleasant couple of hours searching around with the nymph and duo and a few trout and grayling did oblige with most taking the sunk fly. Early impressions of the MOP nymphs (above) are very positive and certainly they warrant further trials. I expect them to come into their own in a few weeks when the olive uprights appear; the r. semicolorata nymph is of the broad-headed stoneclinger type and the black tungsten bead does an perfectly good job of recreating this profile in the water.

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