Saturday, April 10, 2010

Watch out, buzzers about!

A few hours with Dad last night revealed that although the chironomid (buzzer) hatches on our local Barnsfold Waters are yet to get into full swing, things are definitely looking up after a long, hard winter. A few big black fellows chose to put in an appearance and as usual, Dad did well with my suspender buzzer pattern - although the flat calm nature of the evening made rising fish a little on the testing side.
I opted for the easy way out and worked a pair of crunchers or diawl bachs on a sinking line behind a mini straggle pattern which acted as an attractor. Both techniques worked perfectly well and we returned 24 fish between us for barely 3 hour's effort. The catch included three well conditioned brownies, one of which is shown above.

When the midge hatches really get going any time now, the suspender pattern will really reap rewards. It has proved time and again to be simply deadly and this afternoon I have been behind the vice, replenishing depleted stocks in anticipation of the sport to come. The fly below is a slight variation on the usual theme I use (which is black thread ribbed with white spanflex). A gliss 'n glow tinsel body has been over ribbed with fine black wire here. Thanks are due to my mate Rob D for the nudge on this one!

Hook: Kamasan B100 #14,16
Thread: UTC70 brown olive
Rib: UTC small black
Body: MOP Rootbeer (gliss 'n glow)
Shuck (optional): A few strands of zelon fixed with a dab of 'Hard as Nails' varnish
Thorax: peacock micro bright
Thorax cover: White foam


oldsmugglerflyfishing said...

Nice fly!

phil-k said...

Lovely looking midge pupae, Matt.

I spoke to Mike today and he is going to ring you sometime with a view to us coming up to your local stillwater for some buzzer fishing.

Hope we can arrange something as its something I am very interested in.


Matthew Eastham said...

Hi Phil,

You're welcome any time. An evening is best, before mid May. The place can boil with rising fish it's exciting stuff.

Let me know when and I'll meet you there.....


Matthew Eastham said...

Defo Phil. Now's the time - the evening buzzer fishing is top class at the moment!