Friday, May 07, 2010

Chill wind on the Eden - lean and clear - two nice fish

Steven had reported some intense grannom action on the Eden this week, so we teamed up on Friday night to see if we could find some top of the water sport. As it happened, a very cold north easterly was fairly galloping up the valley and although this generally favoured an upstream approach on the northward flowing Eden, sport remained decidedly slow as fish showed a reluctance to poke their snouts out into the chilly May air.
In such conditions, I find the best bet is to either look for an odd riser in the most sheltered, tree-lined sections; or concentrate on the sub surface approach using a pair of nymphs. However, the water was just so damned low and clear (there hasn't been any rain worth mentioning around here snce my last visit at Easter), that I eventually plumped for a compromise and put up a duo rig. Steven - ever the dry fly enthusiast - tied on one of his own cdc patterns and we set about searching the foam lanes for signs of life.

Unfortunately, little action was forthcoming. I dropped a fish on the nymph before landing a small grayling.....and then eventually a decent Eden wildie came from nowhere to attack the dry - a fish of about 1.5lb which gave the evening a better feel.

Steven had a trout of almost identical size to mine from a shallow pool head run, but that was about it. As dusk approached, the breeze remained and the temperatures dropped to around the 6c mark, killing off any chance of seeing some sort of grannom activity. Indeed the only insects seen all evening were a handful of upright duns, a few midge and a single hawthorn fly. Hopefully we will soon see a reversion to more typical SW air currents and some milder, wetter weather which I would expect to breathe some life into our river fishing season.

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glen pointon said...

What a lovely brown!! From looking around other rivers in the country it looks as as though you have some of the best fish around, the river looks a gem, will be calling on you at some time Matt to fish this top river if u dont mind...
Nice one