Saturday, June 12, 2010

A change of scene on the Eden.

Tonight I had the pleasure of Bob's company again and spent the evening benefiting from his knowledge of the middle Eden. We had a good old mooch around some stretches I have yet to fish and although the going was on the slow side, it was an interesting session and one I very much enjoyed.

We were a bit further down the river than normal and, swelled by the waters of Ullswater and the Eamont, the Eden is a livelier proposition hereabouts in such times of prolonged drought. One long pool and riffle sequence of some 200 yards occupied us for the bulk of the evening - a delightful piece of river which we fished from bottom to top without ever feeling the need to get out and bypass unappealing sections.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the fishing was a touch slow; in a similar vein to last week, only odd fish were rising and then only sporadically - despite presence over the water of at least 6 different species of upwing flies, a few small yellow sally stoneflies, loads of midge and gnats and plenty of caddis.
Bob set off targeting a few risers with the dry and I opted for a duo set up to search the pool heads. We both pulled a few small fish with mine initially coming to the dry rather than the nymph, from the roily water in the necks. I then had a spell on straight nymph - a size 14 black tungsten headed job to get down a bit - and found greater success with another half dozen coming to hand. None were large - they were all pan sized fish in the 8-12" class - but welcome nonetheless.

Catching up with Bob later revealed that the dry fly had proved difficult owing to a fairly nasty wind once the shelter of the trees had been left and we both ended up seeing the rest of the evening out on nymphs whilst keeping an eager eye out for signs of a rise which in the end, never materialised as temperatures dropped away on nightfall and the gusty north westerly wind prevailed.

The picture of Bob below gives you some idea of conditions - that pool tail should be glassy and flat!

So, an absorbing evening in all. And if there was one thing I learnt, it was that it doesn't seem to matter where you fish on the River Eden - it's all delightful!


Peter said...

Hi Matt,
I like the new lay-out of the website.If its not giving too much away, is that the Penrith club water you fish? A friend of mine is always badgering me to take out and Eden trust passport; I've got to admit the water you've shown in the blog always looks really inviting.


Matthew Eastham said...

Thanks Peter!

It's private club water I'm afraid, but I cn definitely recommend the PAA water as I used to be a member.