Saturday, June 05, 2010

Skinny water and spooky fish

Returned to the Eden last night with fellow members Bob and John. The river is still unbelieveably low and clear, and in some areas the stones have started to slime up. Nevertheless, we were hopeful of good sport following recent successes, although bright sunshine meant that the best sport would likely be encountered at last knockings. In the end it turned out to be a tricky and somewhat frustrating session; enjoyable and absorbing all the same, but without the same levels of success we have seen in recent outings.

You might recall that last time out, the low clear water made for challenging sport, but with so many fish on the feed, once I got my finger out there was cracking sport to be had. Tonight there were far fewer risers in evidence and the ones which were on the fin were finicky and nervous and totally unforgiving of less than perfect presentation. We missed more takes than we hooked and began to get the feeling that many of the trout we 'rose' were actually coming a bit short - perhaps put off at the last minute by a glimpse of tippet, or barely perceptible drag.
No matter; we did fool a few fish in the 8-12" size class and when Bob and I caught up with John later on, we discovered that he had landed a corker of 18" which will have likely weighed towards 2 1/2lb. A small grey duster had done the trick on that Eden beauty.

It turned out to be one of those evenings where the temperature falls away at dusk and any hopes of a mad half hour are dashed as the fish just melt away; we were left with a slight feeling of 'what might have been' but still, there is no better way to round off the working week than to spend a Friday evening on the banks of a quiet summer river.

Bob has his eye on a riser.....

Fish on!

Yours truly manages to fool one of the dafter residents

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