Sunday, June 06, 2010

Summer Flies

I managed to sneak a couple of hours at the vice this afternoon and spent the time re-stocking with patterns which I traditionally associate with high summer. Some of these were for my own box, but the remainder were for a friend to whom I owe a few flies in return for a kind favour. Hopefully they will come in handy over the next few weeks....

Pale Watery Paradun

Hook: Partridge SLD #18
Thread: Spiderweb
Tails: Two olive microfibbets split using the thread
Abdomen: Olive Pearsalls silk
Thorax: Blend of Masterclass #3 & #5
Wing Post: Single ply of TMC aero dry wing
Hackle: Dun grizzle

Griffith's Gnat

Hook: Partridge SLD #20
Thread: Spiderweb
Body: Single strand of peacock herl, twisted with black grizzle hackle and wrapped from rear to front palmer style.

Hare's Ear F-Fly

Hook: Partridge SLD #18
Thread: Spiderweb
Rib: Rootbeer Gliss 'n Glow
Body: Dubbed hare's ear
Wing: Pair of natural CDC plumes
Head: Light dubbing of CDC fibres


Midgeman said...

Asw always... beautiful ties!

Gareth (FFISW) said...

All fantastic tyings Matt! Particularly loving the Hare's Ear F-Fly mate.

phil-k said...

When using these small dry flies I find that I hook a lot of Parr but how do you keep them on the hook?And thats provided I can actually hook then in the first place the takes are that quick.

The little sods are experts at getting rid of the hook.Its driving me daft.: )

Matthew Eastham said...

Appreciate the comments chaps!

Phil, if you have any doubt about the ability of tiny flies to hold large trout, take a look at the work of Midgeman (link on my blogroll). He catches far bigger trout than me on far smaller flies than I ever tie - incredible! The parr are probably dropping off because they just do - they get bounced off by the stiffness of the rod action. Hook something bigger and I'm sure it will stick!


phil-k said...

Thanks for the reply Matthew,I appreciate it.So much to learn, I wish I had started years ago.

I did look at his blog.Fascinating stuff.