Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eden caddis emerger

I've been test driving this caddis emerger variant for a while now and can happily report that it works a treat. It came about when I tried to create an emerger pattern which would work on the Eden when my normal 'go-to' pattern the balloon caddis was refused (something which rarely happens on other rivers, I've found).
I aimed for 'busy but sparse' when viewed from below as I was concerned that the relatively heavy, winged profile of the Moser pattern might be a touch too bold on some occasions. But I still needed the pattern to be reliably buoyant and easily visible in near darkness This fly seems to fit the bill....and early signs are very encouraging indeed.

The Eden Caddis Emerger

Hook: B100 #14,16
Thread: mallard brown sheer
Rib: twisted flat gold
Dubbing: natural hare or fox squirrel
Hackle: dun grizzle
Wing post: yellow or white foam doubled forward and tied down like a thorax cover.


AYearOnTheFly said...

I Like it

glen pointon said...

Love it Matt, as ur other pattern which i use often..any chance of a sbs mate or have you done one on the forum..
Nice one

Midgeman said...

Beautiful tie! I can think of a few times this little bug would have saved the day!

Ian Scott said...

That's a good looking fly! If I get a chance, I'll try tying some up and let you know how they work here.