Saturday, September 11, 2010

Encounter with a cannibal

Not too much to report from last night's trip to the Eden. The river was colouring up and rising slowly and I failed to make the most of the few opportunities which came my way. A couple of trout and a few grayling which were sipping down crippled gnats on the flats late on, were all I had to show for the brief session. One incident however, does bear recounting.....

Nymphing my way up a nice pool, I hooked what felt like the umpteenth parr of the evening until a split second later the line went a good deal heavier and I realised I must have been mistaken, I had hooked a good 'un after all. The fish came straight toward me as sometimes happens and showed just under the surface. Imagine my surprise when I realised that I had in fact hooked a parr.....but hanging on to it was a huge brownie which I'd put my mortgage on being 4lb plus. The trout had four inches of little salmon crossways in its jaws like a pike - amazing! Obviously it let go as soon as it saw me, but it left me with my knees trembling and trying to remember what I did with those big sculpin patterns!
I know where you live buster, and I'm coming to get you next season!

Thought I'd post the photo below. The 'troutiest hundred yards' photo of last Friday's post, was taken about 15 miles downstream at Lazonby and the river up here is considerably smaller. Still, it's interesting to see the parallels. This piece of water is similarly chock full of fish (although not quite to the same degree), including some biggies. It rarely gets fished - seemingly many UK fly fishers have a dislike of broken pocket water.

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