Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quantity but not quality.

An interesting couple of hours on the Ribble last night, if lacking in anything particularly noteworthy. It was 5pm before I got to the river and I wasn't expecting much sport, although at this time of year the brief grannom (b. subnubilis) flight period can bring premature evening sport as egg bearing females crawl down part submerged rocks and branches to lay sub surface. In these circumstances it can reap dividends to fish a team of spiders through the riffles and runs, imitating the stricken unfortunates which lose their tenuous grip and become entrained in the current.
Sure enough, a few of the little brown caddis put in an appearance late on and I was treated to that final confirmation that spring has well and truly arrived - grannom females congregating in the folds of my wader legs.
The spiders worked as expected with fish coming regularly, as they had done for most of the earlier part of the evening when a predictable lack of surface activity dictated that a pair of nymphs would be the way to go. By the time the light was almost gone I had lost count of the number of fish I had returned, although every single one of them was small - a good sign for the future. Had my visit been earlier in the day and coincided with the hatch, then I'm sure I would have contacted a few better fish....such is the way at this time of year. I will have the opportunity to benefit soon when one of the coming Easter weekend days will see me out looking for trouble on a river somewhere in the north.


blake said...

excellent photo!

Flyfishermanrichard. said...

Had a few Olives coming off yesterday, and it brought the first few fish of the season to the surface. Nice to fish a dry again.


phil-k said...

Same on the Dee. Lots of tiny trout.