Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brief Bloggers' Convention

I don't generally buy into the theory that catching fish is merely a bonus and that the real pleasure lies in the actual process of fishing and places it takes us. Here in the north of England we are lucky to have access to some beautiful places in which to indulge our pastime, but make no mistake: when I go fishing, my aim is to catch fish. The glory of my surroundings enhances this experience, but cannot on its own be adequate compensation for a miserable skunking.
Friday night was a happy exception. I couldn't have cared less if I caught or not (which is just as well because I didn't). Indeed once in the thick of it, I found I wasn't even that fussed about doing any fishing at all.

I had the great pleasure of accompanying fellow blogger Mike Duddy on his local bit of paradise - a river once so polluted that it was devoid of life completely, but which has slowly returned to life and now presents a very viable challenge to the fly fisher. Mike and his friends are working hard to ensure that the improvement continues and that the excellent fishing remains available to all for years to come. Huge credit is due to all involved here and I felt privileged to be shown the ropes on a piece of water which means so much to this small band of dedicated anglers.

It's always a nice change to fish somewhere new, and this evening was no different. The river was carrying a good deal of colour and prospects were not good. We persisted with nymphs mainly, although the prospected dry fly and duo methods both got a run out. All to no avail - the fish just weren't going to play ball.......not surprising really when you consider that Mike was keen to show me the potential of this river. The curse of the angling guest is ever present on such occasions.

Later on we met up with two more blog writers - Nick and Tom .  Still nowt doing on the fish front, but we had a good natter just the same. The setting was picturesque - a place I have driven past hundreds of times before and never knew existed - and the company was first class. On this particular occasion it was almost a pleasure to blank. Thanks a lot for your hospitality lads! 

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