Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The troutiest month.....

All hail the month of May - the troutiest month of our angling year....and consequently the shortest. Oh how I wish it could be May all year round!


phil-k said...

What a fantastic photo.!!!!!

Bigerrfish said...

Cool shot.. and I too love the month of may, and april and march and june and july and sep.

Flyfishermanrichard. said...


When do you expect some bigger Mayflies?

A few Danica have started to appear on my river, early, due I expect to the very dry weather!

Lots of daddies too.

Matthew Eastham said...


We don't get too many true mayflies up here - some of the Lake district lakes (and Eden system)have a few but they tend to be end of May, early June before they appear.


StridArt said...

you take that photo? very nice

glen pointon said...

Hi Matt

Looking sweet up your neck of the woods, some big fish coming out as i see..

I am due a trip up in the next month with a mate of mine who fishes the Eden now and again so will be in touch

Nice one