Thursday, July 05, 2012


An evening of warm southerly breeze and heavy, thunder laden air tonight on Hayeswater. I needed to get up into the hills out of the way of other people; and I needed to re-visit my stillwater brown trout technique ahead of a trip up to Scotland next week.

Happily the beautiful little trout of this upland reservoir were eager to assist and I enjoyed a sweaty - sometimes very wet - evening of playing cat and mouse with some of the fastest wild fish you are ever likely to meet. With regular dead spots in the passing weather and accompanying flat calm, there was ample opportunity to go after skittish fish with a tapered leader and single dry fly. I seemed to have got the formula right as I raised a lot of fish.....but my offers-to-fish-landed ratio was less than impressive as time and again I was just too bloody slow to connect. Eventually I got into some sort of rhythm and began to anticipate the surface explosions almost before they occurred, and a few super little trout were brought to hand.

Hayeswater trout are yellow-gold in colour and have a distinctive blue spot on the gill covers. It's always a pleasure to see them, although on this occasion the larger ones (they grow to over the pound here) eluded me.

Note to self: Hayeswater is a longer walk form Hartsop than you remember. Next time, don't try doing it on an empty stomach, in warm, close conditions, wearing waders and a waterproof jacket. Nervous exhaustion awaits at the top of the path.

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phil-k said...

Lol ,Last time I went up there was in May and I took my 78 year old dad with me. He wasn't even out of breath when we got to Hayeswater.He's such a show off.

It was a scorching hot day but very windy too.