Sunday, May 26, 2013

An odd good fish.....and the start of summer evening fishing.

It appears I missed the party a couple of weeks back. Reports from high up the river told of an invertebrate bonanza with iron blues and olive uprights featuring heavily, bringing numbers of fish up for prolonged surface sport at last. By the time I turned up, late in the week, the feast was more or less over it seems and a mate up the river found much the same as me - trickle hatches of OU, occasional fish rising, but nothing to write home about.

On that particular occasion my return of a bunch of skerrits was bolstered nicely by a couple of hefty fish - trout of 2lb 5oz and 2lb 12oz succumbing to a careful approach at the pool tails. Yesterday proved altogether harder going though. After a spell on the Eamont, suffering again the frustration of a thick grannom hatch, I had but a handful of small fish to show for a thorough exploration with a brace of nymphs. Later on a switch to the main river proved equally slow - although the 2lb 7oz fish at the top of this post did go some way to alleviating the monotony.

Highlight for me though, was the opportunity to fish on into a beautiful summer evening for the first time this year. I headed upstream and caught up with Richard and Paul; and despite the fish never really looking like getting into a sustained feeding rhythm, a pleasant evening was spent sneaking around on the lookout for large individual fish and generally having the crack.

Summer evenings by the river are the thread from which I am woven and this one caught me on the hop I admit. So late has this spring been; so chilly and unspringlike; that I had almost forgotten that already it is the end of May - exactly the time of year I associate with the commencement of evening trouting.

Not that the river feels ready yet. With the grannom still at large and no sign of yellow May duns, blue-winged olives, or any of the summer Baetis species, the atmosphere is very much one of four week's previous, still. Maybe when I return home from abroad a dozen days hence, the equilibrium will be a step nearer to being restored.

The evening, although still carrying a chilly edge, was deeply enjoyable in the way only a summer evening can be. We returned to the cars a half past ten and with a trace of light still in the air, and an orange moon rising over the Mallerstang Edge. An odd fish had been caught, notably a two pounder to Richard's rod and a slightly smaller specimen for Paul (below).

However, if the fishing had been underwhelming, the fact that I arrived home at gone half past eleven was ample recompense: a sign that my favourite time of year has arrived. It is now up to me to make the most of it.......


Joel D said...

Beautiful Browns!

Regular Rod said...

That is certainly an exquisite trout Matthew. We too are well behind in the season, although yesterday and today have been sunny. Iron Blue Dun has been showing itself quite frequently, which reflects what lousy weather we are having...


Andy said...

"Summer evenings by the river are the thread from which I am woven"

So true and nicely put