Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tying in threes......

For those of you who have yet to listen to Glen Pointon's podcasts, might I recommend that now is a good time to start. The most recent edition features an interview with Stuart Crofts on biosecurity, Tenkara and the fun side of fly fishing generally. Glen's accent might be damn near unintelligible to those of us not residing near his native Potteries, but you cannot fault the guy's initiative in setting up such an enterprising venture; and you cannot help but smile at his immense enthusiasm for the sport. Good work Glen, keep it up!

Like I said, Stuart Crofts pops up on the latest edition. I've always been a big fan of Stuart's style and admire the great generosity with which he gives his time and advice to everyone he meets. My favourite part of this particular interview is where he describes the regime of his one time fly tying mentor:

tie in threes: one to use, one to lose and one to give away

What a great way to go about your tying! I tried it out this afternoon, lashing together a triumvirate of Adams parachutes, which made a nice change from my usual attempt to tie at least half a dozen. This isn't a pattern I use all that often, so three will be plenty...and the first person I meet next time I'm out on the river will be getting one of them!


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