Monday, July 29, 2013

It's not theft.....honest!

OK, so I used the words "a pattern of my own devising" a couple of posts ago when describing the imitation I use in B-WO spinner falls. Except I found out tonight that I'm certainly not the first to hybridise Kelly Galloup's cripple spinner with the regulation paradun, not by a long shot!

I first played about with this pattern back in July 2009, but if you take a look at the link below to Paul Procter's excellent blog, you'll see that he was employing an almost identical version as much as 10 years ago. So much for my bold claim!

I take consolation from the fact that if someone of PP's pedigree finds this pattern deadly, then at least I must be thinking along the right lines. Take a look below - a wealth of first class information for any aspiring stalker of large brown trout.

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Baslowfisher said...

Don't you just love it when you find you are thinking along similar lines to the experts to which I endorse your opinion that Paul Procter undoubtadly is. These little beasts certainly do the trick here on the Derwent too.